Seven-League Hydro Code – SLH

A code for multidimensional simulations of hydrodynamics in stellar evolution.


Dr. Philipp V. F. Edelmann
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Mailstop B287, RM 2011/219
P.O. Box 1663
Los Alamos, NM 87545-0001

Phone: +1-505-606-2281
PGP: 0x7D2FD966630C294E

Code Highlights

SLH focusses on the simulation of three-dimensional hydrodynamics, using implicit time integration, and treating both low and high Mach number flows correctly.

It features a general nuclear reaction network and arbitrary curvilinear grids. SLH also allows simulations in one and two dimensions and is optimized for parallel computing.

SLH is a unique tool to address inherently multidimensional aspects of stellar evolution. It can shed light on finely resolved processes, such as the propagation of a deflagration front, and also on longer phases e.g. of neon shell burning.